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Robert Miles

Pittsburgh's Concierge

I have lived primarily in this beautiful city since 1975 when I arrived here on a sunny late summer day in September as a 17 year old freshman college student. I immediately fell in love with this Burgh. The topography, the history, the most awe inspiring views, the rivers, the sunsets but most certainly, her people! That love affair has only grown and matured.

In my experience, many people question, “Why would I consult a concierge”?

The word derives from “keeper of the keys”. You must be trustworthy to have access to all the keys. As far back as 1697 a concierge was the person that you went to if you were inquiring about well, just about anything. A concierge is expected to be trustworthy, a person of quality. Ethical and above reproach. Of integrity. You must know your way around your surroundings and be familiar with and comfortable in all circles. You are expected to be knowledgeable about many subjects and that your responses are factual and accurate. I am a research guy. If I make a statement, you can be assured that I have done the research.

Currently I am working in collaboration with Yajagoff Media posting a blog a couple times a month and appearing on their blog periodically as a guest. This is a direct link to my blog post at YaJagoff.com. 


My mission is to research and share interesting, quirky and accurate information about events, location, arts, culture, fashion and just about anything that would be informative to residents and visitors to our fine city, Pittsburgh. If you click on my facebook tab below you will be directed to my FB page where you can find a wonderful list of "Upcoming Events". I have done the sifting through and bring you a great selection of events in the Pittsburgh area. There is sure to be something for everyone